Who we are :
We are a integrated oxide pigments manufacturer and supplier, an enterprise specializing in producing, researching and selling series oxide pigments at past 20 years. Our product range includes iron oxide pigments, chrome pigments, titanium dioxide pigments, organic pigments and other wide range of natural and synthetic inorganic pigments etc.
What we do:
Supply solution for industry of ceramic, coating, compound fertilizer, colorants, concrete products, cosmetics, masonry block, bricks, paving slabs, brick paver, architectural, ready-mix concrete, roof tiles, sand-lime bricks and walling blocks, coating, paper , plastic and other industrial uses.
Colour: What you see:
We make reds, oranges, yellows, browns, blacks, blues, white , gray and greens in addition to corrosion-inhibiting, catalyst type and heat-resistant pigments.
Around in daily life, color is everywhere and the best color is from nature. Seven different diamonds agglomerated in one word “BOLYCOLOR”. BOLYCOLOR combined with red, green, blue lines, build the logo of our corporation. She is like the full colors are from nature and hold together each other. The mark visually usher the spirit of our corporation: Truthfulness, Honesty, Cooperation, and Reciprocal.
BOLYCOLOR Development:
BOLYCOLOR Pigments is committed to helping our customers solve color diversity.
BOLYCOLOR Pigment’s experienced researchers can help troubleshoot and modify existing formulations, develop new products and new colors, explore new applications, match color shades or provide innovative product handing systems, so we are able to improve the products according to customers’ request to meet various practical uses.
Creating value for clients, growing up with clients in excellent enterprise standard!