REACH, the European regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals, has taken effect as of 1 June 2007 and applied across the whole industry chain.
BOLYCOLOR PIGMENTS CO.,LTD is reviewing all of the business implications of REACH and will initiate a programme to facilitate implementation of REACH. Kindly please get the REACH data of BCI from Finland REACH web page.
BOLYCOLOR will comply with REACH in a standardized, coordinated and reasoned manner.
BOLYCOLOR's intention is to pre-register the existing substances in our sales portfolio to take advantage of the respective phase-in periods. Subsequent decisions on registration of individual substances will be communicated as soon as those decisions are made. At present, all contracted manufactories of ours are also made the pre-registration steps on their mainly products too. And then we take the close relationship against our business cooperation in the future.
OEM, the abbreviation is from Original Equipment Manufacturer, it is the prevalent cooperation relationship in the international business. The full steps of modern international business include products design, raw materials purchases, manufactured by OEM, storage and logistics transport, orders disposal, wholesale and marketing, and the terminal retail. For some inland manufactories, BOLYCOLOR is the exporting department with them. But for the oversea clients or buyers, BOLYCOLOR is the business partner with them. BOLYCOLOR will successfully help them to deal with all key steps of orders in China and the guide of operation steps is Q.C.D.S.S.
All employees of BCI team are operating daily works which are based on international standards such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO591-1:2000, ISO4621:1986, ISO3711:1990, ISO787:2000, ISO10601-2007, ISO1248:2008, ISO13500:2009 and API SPEC 13A:2010 etc. BCI team does all steps base on P-D-C-A actions operation quality circle daily, weekly and monthly.
We would like to inform you about change of BOLYCOLOR's responsible person of REACH and OEM. If you have any questions or requirements concerning REACH and OEM process, please do not hesitate and contact our responsible person as following.
Director Manager of Business Department
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