The international business are based on the consanguineous cooperation, accreditation, persistent servings and timely exchange information which steps are took by both sides of each other. From the viewpoint of Konosuke Matsushita, the God of Business Operation in Japanese corporations, all successful business operations are based on five pivotal steps - Q.C.D.S.S
What means on Q.C.D.S.S? The Q is abbreviated from QUALITY, the C is abbreviated from COST, the D is abbreviated from DELIVERY, the first S is abbreviated from SERVICES and the last S is abbreviated from SPEED. The QUALITY is the hardcore of business operation. Our first obligation is supplying the best quality goods. The COST is our competitive capability which and then we can overcome other company emulation. The DELIVERY is the secondly competitive capability when we stand the sameness cost level under competitive condition. What is our overfall-price in the business operation? The SERVICE is the answer which is including the before-selling service, on-selling service and after-sale service. The products service operation is the starting step of the order. The SPEED is means that we must take the first step before the market changes. So, all steps of our business operation must build on the concept of the time and efficiency conception.
All members of BOLYCOLOR have professional experience on their management positions and fine achievements. The Q.C.D.S.S is our daily guide of operation steps. We believe that our competitive capability is from our daily working and surefooted services on time.
There is a saying that the GOD closes a door but he will open a window for you at same time. BOLYCOLOR’s affirmation that our team will give you several answers, suggestions or solutions when you inquiry us one question in the business chain. BCI team will think further than yours if you faced or have indeterminations.
The management team of BOLYCOLOR has a modern and close system on the operational steps and management methods for the corporation’s business and marketing. All employees are operating daily works which are based on international standards such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO591-1:2000, ISO4621:1986, ISO3711:1990, ISO787:2000, ISO10601-2007, ISO1248:2008, ISO13500:2009 and API SPEC 13A:2010 etc. BCI team does all steps base on P-D-C-A actions operation quality circle daily, weekly and monthly.
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